Arbeiten 2006 – 2010

Showcase of the body (2006)
Masdanza, Group devision, Second Place

Choreography: Chikako Kaido
Dance: Andy Zondag (replacement Antonio Stella), Tsai-chin Yu, Heloise Fornier

Tanzsolo (2008)
First place Soloduo festival in Budapest

Choreography: Chikako Kaido
Dance: Tsai-chin Yu

There is an abyss (2009 )
nominated for Kurt Jooss prize

Since her last visit to Japan, which has a constantly increasing suicide rate – proportional to the country’s wealth – the Japanese Chikako Kaido has been dealing with the subject of suicide. The relationship of the individual to society and the inner feeling in contrast to the outer indifference of people is a central thought and starting point of her choreography.

Choreography: Chikako Kaido
Choreographical Collaboration and Dance:

Marcus Bomski
Ines Fischbach
Hyun-Jin Kim
Kyungwoo Kwon Leandro Kees
Marcela Ruiz Quintero
Kim Sokolowski
Tomoko Yamashita
Sergey Zhukov

Schattenlinien (2010) 
nominated for Kurt Jooss prize

The solo SHADOW LINES is inspired by the work of the Japanese photographer Daidō Moriyama: a world in which the light of a flash shows the lostness of the individual in the midst of the whole. Kaido’s artistic philosophy is influenced by her encounter with the butho dancer Kazuo Ohno. After her ballet training in Tokyo, she graduated and choreographed at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen.

With her art of the moment, the choreographer creates a dance in which the gaze is lost behind shapeless shadows, in which the subject is not only the action but also the air and the magic of the moment. A highly sensitive dialogue of each movement with its own “negative form” in empty space.

Choreography: Chikako Kaido
Dance: Anca Huma (replacement Hyunjin Kim)
Video: Semilamis Ceylan