Black is the color, None is the number

16. Februar 2019
Cubic Studios Düsseldorf

Communication is limited. We cannot communicate everything. Therefore the advantage is: perfect communication with the other individuals would make us a society that thinks with one mind. We need differences. Maybe it is the mistake in communication that makes us individuals.

The zero hour that we want to represent in this piece is perhaps a metaphor of the nihilistic time in which we live. One should make something new out of nothing. Through curiosity? By fear? Hope? Whether the result is an improvement or a deterioration, we cannot know.


Concept, Choreography: Chikako Kaido
Dance : Taneli Törmä
Live-Music: Phillip Schulze
Stage Design: Ivan Geddert
Licht : Kanade Hamawaki
Dramaturgy: Antonio Stella
Co-Creation: Jascha Viehstädt

Camera: Wiebke Rompel
Video Edit: Kanade Hamawaki

Supported by
Kulturamt Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
Kunststiftung NRW

Black is the color, None is the number Premiere, Cubic Studios
Düsseldorf 17.02.2019, Akira Saitoh for “Jazz Tokyo

Tanelli Tolma stands alone in the white room of the photo studio. Two mattresses stand on the sides. A beam of light is directed at him and moves like a search light. The lying dancer. It seems as if he is testing all the individual movements of his hands and feet and their functions. He stands up and organically connects these torn apart functions and acquires this. It creaks in his body. The movement becomes more and more extreme. He breaks down and tries out individual functions again from the beginning. The light of revelation appears over his lying body. The atmospheric music stops and he returns to life. Thus the presence of the music became even more obvious.
He hides behind a mattress, puts it on the floor and keeps moving it back and forth. Like the agony of Sisyphus that he had to roll a stone up a steep hill. Here the story of birth was told – but that could also be life itself. The audience took in this process for an hour and stared at it all the time. Afterwards I talked to Mrs. Kaido. She mentioned her concept of zero to one and Higgs particle, which determines the mass of matter. In Stanislaw Rem’s “Solaris” it was written about the discomfort of having parts of the face that are formed in the sea not being in tune with each other. In this piece, perhaps birth and fate from such a phase were expressed. I am very curious about her next performance in Japan.